An Evening with Dirty Dancing comes to Melton

A big well done to all the PSA students that took part in the event An evening of Dirty Dancing at the Melton Theatre.  It was a great night of entertainment and our dancers, Emily Graham, Abi Whetton, Sarah Kotarba, Caitlyn Carr, Rianne Hulsebos, Jess Hollis, Mia Books, Evie Manchester, Ashley Conroy and Maggie Bolton were touring acts special guests for their Melton performance.  The girls performed a version of "Save the last dance for me2 recieving a huge responce from the audience and glowing praise from the cast.  Over all it was a really good night.  We would like to say a big thank you to the Evening with Dirty Dancing team for inviting our dancers to take part and a special thankyou to our very own Jess Allsop who worked with the girls to perfect there perfromance.